Constant quality control

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Passion, Care, Attention

At Pertile Srl we pride ourselves on our quality standards – a family ethos exemplified by our culture of continuous improvement and investment in the latest technologies and associated production processes, aiming for efficiency and excellence in every product.

Constant focus on production processes and product quality are the cornerstones of our business.

Quality is also exemplified by our proactive commitment to environmental sustainability and workplace safety.

Our production team is constantly focused on process monitoring and tracing and on product performance testing, ensuring high quality standards and, most importantly, up-front preventing action, providing mechanisms for detecting system shortfalls and guaranteeing traceability of critical components within the manufacturing process.

Tests & Measurements

Precision and Diligence

Rigorous planning and well-defined production control processes allow us to be reliable partners, proactively ensuring our customers will achieve optimum outcomes, laying the foundations of their success.

We are comprehensively equipped in order to guarantee the quality standards demanded by our customer. In compliance with adequate production control plans, quality control procedures have been put in place and production processes are closely monitored and documented with a data recording system. Pertile Srl has a well-equipped Thermoregulated Metrology Lab which also includes:

  • Optical Measuring Systems of bar-turning components
  • Three-Dimensional Coordinate Measuring Machines (3D CMM)
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Certified Monitoring Tools
  • Dimensional Gauging Systems
  • Digital Roughness Testers
  • Microscopes

Pertile Srl performs quality control tests on the finished product and is equipped with professional Colour Evaluation Tools, such as a Spectrophotometer and a Colour Assessment Cabinet (Colour Light Booth).


Workmanship and Product Warranty

We believe that quality is not just about staying up-to-date with the latest advances and technology available on the market: we wish to reward a companywide culture which strives towards continuous improvement and which considers quality not as an accessory but as a defining feature of the product.

Pertile Srl prides itself on its proactive commitment to complying with all the latest applicable legal and regulatory product requirements.

We cooperate with accredited third-party laboratories for product assessment and DoC issuing purposes (Reach / RoHS / M.O.C.A. Declarations of Conformity). We also draw upon technical advice from external experts.

Additionally, our company adheres to Safety Management Protocol MOG.


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